Timber Entrance Doors

Stylish yet secure, bespoke doors.

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Timber Entrance Doors

Our timber entrance doors are designed so you can enjoy the beauty of classic timber and benefit from modern performance technology.

There’s a timber entrance door to suit every home, with contemporary and traditional designs that make a truly grand entrance.

timber entrance doors benefits

We know that choosing the perfect entrance door is not a decision taken lightly, whether you’re renovating a home or building from scratch. That’s why we provide only the best doors on the market for homes across Derby, Belper, Buxton, Matlock, Nottingham, Loughborough, Leicester and surrounding areas.

Our timber entrance doors give you the option to incorporate the characteristics of classic timber, with modern performance. These doors are engineered to last. The robustness of the timber door is teamed with an aluminium frame that provides extra strength and support, creating a truly secure yet stylish and functional entrance to a home.

Timber entrance doors are extremely weather-resistant, so will withstand even the harshest weather conditions we experience across Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire.

Timber Entrance Doors

At a Glance

  • Modern and traditional styles
  • Timber door, aluminium frame
  • Insulating foam core option
  • High thermal efficiency
  • Strong and durable
  • Huge colour range

Popular Colour Options

Timber entrance door styles come with an exclusive selection of modern, bright and bold colour options to match your home.

Here are our top colour picks:




Cambridge Blue

Chalk Cliff




French Sage

Lemon Curd




Pitted Olive

Potter’s Wheel

Savile Row


Summer Coral


Wax Seal

Whitby Jet

The Perfect Timber Entrance Door

If you’re looking to create a stunning entrance for your property, then timber entrance doors are a great choice.

We can work with you to design the door that brings your vision to life, with a vast selection of designs, colours and styles to create a bespoke entrance.

Why not opt for a grand effect with double timber entrance doors or choose a modern twist on a classic 1930s style door.

1930s style doors from Kompass

There’s a selection of modern and traditional colourways to choose from too, in a range of bold, brights and classic finishes.

You can book an appointment or contact us to get your project started.


We’ll guide you through the process and find the best products for your project, this is the kompass experience.

Expert knowledge

As product designers and suppliers to the trade for the last 25 years, our products will sell for more than £100 million this year. This unrivalled product knowledge allows us to offer tailored solutions to fit your style and budget.

Great service

Windows and doors are one of the most aesthetically defining features of your home and it’s an important choice. At Kompass, we understand this, and we will guide you through the process with honest and knowledgeable advice. We’ll work with you to get it right so that you can relax and enjoy the buying experience.

Quality products

We pledge that every product option we discuss with you will be technically excellent, have tangible benefits built in, and stand the test of time. Our product portfolio consists of products we have personally designed and products we admire for their great design and quality.

Precision installation

Premium products are designed and manufactured to tighter tolerances that ever before. Our precision installation process ensures that you achieve your desired aesthetic and get the best thermal and operational performance for your new glazing system.


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