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Aluminium Double Glazing

Large expanses of glazing have never been so achievable. Advances in both frame and glass technology means this is no longer just for commercial projects. Homes too can benefit and it’s not just squares and rectangles.

Large expanses of glazing have never been so achievable. Advances in both frame and glass technology means this is no longer just for commercial projects. Homes too can benefit and it’s not just squares and rectangles. We now offer arches, triangles and circles of glass framed in slimline aluminium to create the most stunning architectural features.

Architects are leading the way, and the not-so-square window design is being favoured by many homeowners on new build properties, extensions and refurbishments. We are currently installing some huge expanses of shaped glazing into a new build property with Derbyshire stone walls. The contrast between the traditional build walls and the modern glazing is enhanced even more by their colour choice of Olive Grey (RAL 7002) or Yellow Grey (RAL 7034) that perfectly complements the natural stone.

This project is indicative of so many intersecting renovation and refurbishment projects we see in Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire. From barn conversions in the Peak District that need huge expanses of glass, to repurposing mills with their arch headed oversized windows into smart new apartments perfect for modern living. Architects certainly have to earn their keep in conservation areas around us, and we are seeing a lot of clever glazing design from them to increase the amount of natural light coming into homes.

At Kompass, we offer expertly crafted shaped glazing so that you will always get the perfect look for your project. We use high performance aluminium glazing that has been manufactured to offer strength, durability, security and efficiency for each installation.

The system not only looks stunning, but keeps homes well insulated and ventilated, with double or triple glazing and A-ratings for energy efficiency. Alongside the energy credentials, we also have the Secured by Design accreditation – the police-preferred option.

Rounded, arched and triangular shaped windows are available in a range of sizes. These are our most popular options. However, we can also create bespoke shapes to fit thanks to our expert manufacturing processes.

We have provided many properties across Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire with shaped glazing, and we find that it suits a whole range of applications. It looks at home whether it’s used in modern architectural homes or traditional, period properties.

If you are looking at featuring shaped glazing in your project, here’s our guide to how it can be used to achieve stunning architectural designs in any property.

Creating bright spaces by maximising light

Slimmer sightlines and larger glazing areas, teamed with unique shapes, provide the perfect combination to maximise the amount of natural light that enters a space – ideal for both period and new-build properties.

Dynamic, angular shapes in larger sizes are a great option to help create a modern, architectural design for your property. They help to provide a unique, statement design while letting lots of light flood the interior space.

For a traditional finish, classic arched and rounded windows are a firm favourite in properties. The timeless elegance of a perfectly rounded or arched window adds character that a simple squared window just can’t match.

Home conversions

Shaped windows help capture the essence of traditional industrial windows while benefitting from modern performance features, ideal for property conversions and restoration projects.

The conversion of industrial mills, factories and barns into beautiful homes is increasingly popular across Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire, and shaped glazing offers the perfect window solution.

Including arched and rounded shaped glazing creates heaps of character and elegance that can completely transform the overall finish of build.

The renowned ‘arch’ shaped window found in heritage properties can be hard to replicate, however we use latest technology to ensure the perfect shape is cut to the exact measurements and to the highest quality.

Preserving original design

Our shaped glazing offers a great replacement window option. Essential for listed buildings or homes that are located in conservation areas where you must keep the original architectural designs in your glazing to meet Local Authority specifications and to retain original features.

We have years of experience as product designers and suppliers of window systems, meaning we have the skills and expertise to develop shaped windows that preserve the original designs of traditional windows, while incorporating all the benefits of modern technology.

We accurately measure, design, deliver and install your shaped windows to the highest standards, helping you to achieve the perfect arch!

Your aluminium shaped glazing project

At Kompass, we become your aluminium glazing partner so that you can achieve your aluminium shaped glazing visions for your project.

We can provide you with full glazing management no matter the scale, size or extent of the job. From new build homes, to complex restoration projects, we work with you at any stage. Whether you are looking for advice, need help with design or even ready to buy, our team are here to provide you with expertise and high performance products.

To see how we can help your project with our shaped glazing solutions in the Midlands, get in touch with us! You can complete our online contact form or call us on 01773 843322.