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Aluminium Sliding Doors Derby

We offer aluminium sliding doors in Derby homes, along with Nottingham, Allestree, Ashbourne, Quarndon and the surrounding areas.

Sliding doors Derbyshire

Invest in a sleek aluminium sliding door to brighten your Derby property, we also install to the following towns: Nottingham, Leicester, Allestree, Ashbourne, Quarndon, Ravenshead, Duffield, Bakewell, Matlock, Mickleover, Belper and  Dronfield. This sliding patio door style is designed with slimline frames, made with premium-grade aluminium. With fantastic structural integrity, the doors remain sleek in appearance yet are incredibly robust.

For uninterrupted views and a brighter home, choose aluminium sliding doors. They can transform any living space, increasing the amount of natural light into your home. Our patio doors are low maintenance, secure and energy efficient, providing a wealth of benefits to your Derby property.

The team at Kompass are dedicated to providing exceptional customer service. We are specialist designers and installers of top-grade aluminium products. Our aluminium sliding patio doors, as well as the rest of our aluminium range, will add value to any Derby property.

energy efficient

Reduce your negative impact on the environment with our energy efficient aluminium sliding doors. They work by thermally regulating your house, stopping cold air from getting in. Additionally, the profiles are designed to keep your heating inside your home, maintaining an optimum temperature.

Reducing your energy usage will have a significant impact on your bills. As you save money in the long run, you will also be making a eco-friendly impact as your home will produce fewer carbon emissions. Make a change for a sustainable future with our stunning aluminium patio sliding doors.

customisation options

Our aluminium sliding doors are tailored to your Derby home. Whether you live in a traditional property or a modern build, sliding doors are the ideal solution. We have a wide selection of colours to match your aesthetic, as well as fantastic woodgrain finishes. As well as this, we have a range of hardware for your choosing.

 Explore our extensive customisation options for a unique improvement to your home.

Aluminium Patio doors in derby

Increase the value of your Derby home with our aluminium sliding patio doors. Our doors are versatile, secure, energy-efficient and will stand the test of time. Get a bespoke price today by using get in touch with out friendly team.

We can help you can choose your preferred style, colours and specifications to get a truly unique price tailored to your needs. As well as this, you can tailor the hardware to your style so that you are happy with every last detail or if your not sure exactly what your looking for, then one of experts will be happy to guide you through the simple process.

If you have any more questions about our aluminium sliding doors, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team today. We would love to work with you on either domestic or commercial projects and work with a variety of spaces and budgets. You can give us a call on 01773 843322 to discuss our services to begin your renovation with us. We look forward to hearing from you!

Double Glazed Sliding Doors Benefits

Double glazing aluminium sliding doors consists of two layers of glass with a gap between them, filled with an inert gas (a non reactive gas such argon). By incorporating a double layer of glass, our doors come with a whole host of benefits such as:

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What Is an aluminium patio Door?

A patio door is a large glass door that serves as a transition between your indoor living space and your outdoor area. It provides ample natural light and views of the outside.

The cost varies based on size, design, and specific features. For a detailed quote tailored to your Derbyshire home, it’s best to contact our team directly.

Aluminium patio doors are renowned for their strength, durability, and sleek design, making them a superior choice for those valuing long-term value and aesthetic appeal.


With proper maintenance, aluminium sliding doors can last over 30 years, making them a wise investment for your Derby home.


The aluminium patio sliding doors that we offer are made from aluminium. The high-quality materials are designed to prevent cracking, warping or discolouration for years. Invest in a durable patio door that is crafted to stand the test of time, making it a worthwhile investment.


Our aluminium sliding doors can be 100% recycled. This is the perfect solution for a sustainable home improvement. By reducing the harmful effects of manufacturing brand new doors, our company have much lower carbon emissions than other installers.

Effortless sliding system

Slide or lift and slide mechanisms are used in our aluminium sliding doors. This means they can effortlessly glide open, even with the large expanse of glass. The steel rollers will retain a high performance, letting you take advantage of an easy system.


Aluminium sliding doors are a great option for creating a welcoming entertainment space. They make a great additional entrance door, offering wide views and increased ventilation. The patio doors can be incorporated into a conservatory or as a back door to improve any Oxford property.

Range of property types

Aluminium sliding doors are the perfect addition for open plan living projects, as well as a connection between the outdoors and your interior. With slim sightlines that give any property a sleek, modern finish, our doors will fit with modern and heritage buildings.

Increased light

Enjoy a brighter home with our aluminium sliding doors. The state-of-the-art aluminium sliding doors in dimensions up to 3.5 meters high and 7 metres wide to create a true ‘glazed wall’ effect. This will help lower your electricity bills, brightening your home.

Aluminium Farm Build Leicestershire

This farm build in Leicestershire is just one example of the kind of workmanship we offer here at Kompass.

Aluminium Windows Installation Derby

We carried out this stunning aluminium windows installation for our lovely customers. Based in Derby, we can cater to Allestree, Ashbourne, Quarndon, Duffield, Bakewell, Matlock, Mickleover and Belper. Our customers chose our high-quality aluminium windows in space grey coatex to complement their traditional home.

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