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Aluminium Doors Leicester

We provide a selection of modern aluminium doors Leicester designed to complement your home perfectly. Serving properties across Leicestershire, our offerings bring a touch of modern elegance and functionality to your new home.

Aluminium Doors Leicestershire

At Kompass, we specialise in installing quality aluminium doors in Leicester and the surrounding areas, including Derby, Nottingham, Allestree, Ashbourne, QuarndonDuffield, Bakewell, Ravenshead, Matlock, Mickleover, Belper and Dronfield. . Whether you’re upgrading existing doors to incorporate the latest systems or seeking innovative solutions for a new build, our aluminium doors in Nottingham are the perfect choice.

Our range offers diverse styles, including both front and back doors, each customisable to your specifications. Our doors come with a wide array of customisation options, including durable hardware, and numerous colours and finishes, ensuring your property stands out. Kompass aluminium doors blend modern design with functionality, offering enhanced security, resistance to weather, and energy efficiency. Start your project with us for a unique combination of style and performance. For a customised quote, get in touch with us today.

Aluminium Door Designs Leicestershire

Aluminium Patio Doors Leicester

Upgrade your environment with our sleek aluminium doors, ideal for any design preference. They feature an advanced sliding mechanism for smooth operation, including unique sliding doors that merge at your extension’s corner without a corner post, enhancing your garden views.

Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors Leicester 

Discover the innovation of our aluminium bi-fold doors for Leicester homes, designed for effortless functionality with high-grade stainless steel rollers. These doors, enhanced with durable gaskets and seals, offer superior weather protection, elevating both design and practicality.

Aluminium Entrance Doors Leicester 

In Leicester, our aluminium entrance doors offer a modern enhancement to your home’s appearance. These doors elevate curb appeal and incorporate advanced security features, like robust multi-point locking systems, for effective intrusion deterrence.

Aluminium Internal Doors Leicester

Our UK-manufactured aluminium internal doors are designed for flexibility in architectural and interior design, offering slim profiles to enhance light and space efficiency. They come in a vast array of colours and designs, enabling the transformation of any space into a functional, welcoming area.

Aluminium Door Prices Derby

Enhance the appeal and value of your Leicester home with our high quality aluminium doors. Renowned for their versatility, security, energy efficiency, and durability, our aluminium doors are a smart investment for your homes future. Customise your doors by selecting from an array of styles, colours, and specifications, ensuring it perfectly matches your decor and meets every expectation down to the finest detail.

For any inquiries regarding our aluminium doors, please don’t hesitate to contact our team. We are eager to assist with both domestic and commercial projects, accommodating a wide range of spaces and budgets. Reach out to us at 01773 843322 to discuss how we can help start your renovation journey. We’re excited about the opportunity to collaborate with you!

Case Study

Discover how Kompass can transform you Leicester home! Have a look at how we transferred this Derby home with precision-engineered aluminium windows and doors, including a stunning 7-pane bi-fold door and elegant aluminium lantern roofs. This case study showcases just a small amount of how our expertise can enhance your homes aesthetics, thermal efficiency, and security through our custom-designed installations. For a deeper dive into this transformative project, click here.


All our aluminium doors come fitted with superior security. This will ensure the entire property is safe from unwanted intruders. Each handle locking system is cleverly designed with multi-point mechanisms. These won’t damage and will maintain your privacy and keep break-ins at bay.

Noise Reducing

Enjoy being at home in peace with our noise-reducing aluminium doors. The framework will keep noise pollution at a minimum, as well as the innovative double glazing. Whether you live in an urban area or one surrounded by nature, you can enjoy a peaceful home with our aluminium doors.


For a sustainable solution to home improvements, aluminium doors are the answer. Aluminium is 100% recyclable, following the end of its lifespan. This will ensure a positive environmental impact, reducing the harmful emissions created manufacturing profiles from scratch.

Thermally Efficient

All our aluminium door profiles achieve impressive standards of thermal efficiency. From the insulating framework to the exceptional double glazing, your home will stay warmer for longer. This will fundamentally lower your energy bills and reduce your carbon footprint.


No longer will you have to worry about weather damage. Our fantastic aluminium doors will prevent water ingress with our weatherseals lining the frame. Aluminium excels in thermal insulation, which stops draughts from making their way in. The entire profile is designed to keep your home protected.


Whether you live in a traditional property, a modern build or a heritage home, aluminium doors will fit the aesthetic. We tailor each product to suit your existing décor, with every element bespoke to your style. Benefit from modern functionalities whatever your style of home.


What is an aluminium door?

An aluminium door is a door made primarily from aluminium, known for its strength, durability, and corrosion resistance. It offers a modern aesthetic and can be customised in a variety of finishes and colours, making it a popular choice for contemporary homes.

At our Leicster location, our skilled technicians handle the installation of aluminium doors, ensuring proper fitting, alignment, and sealing for optimal performance and security. We manage the process from start to finish, providing a hassle-free experience for our customers.

Aluminium bi-fold doors are often preferred for their slim profiles, larger glass areas, and longer lifespan. While uPVC doors may be more cost-effective initially, aluminium doors offer better value over time due to their durability and minimal maintenance.

While it’s possible to paint an aluminium door, there’s rarely a need to do so with our wide range of colour options. Our doors are designed to maintain their finish without the need for repainting, simplifying maintenance and ensuring long-lasting appeal.


Cleaning aluminium doors is simple: just use a mixture of mild soap and water applied with a soft cloth.

Aluminium Farm Build Leicestershire

This farm build in Leicestershire is just one example of the kind of workmanship we offer here at Kompass.

Aluminium Windows Installation Derby

We carried out this stunning aluminium windows installation for our lovely customers. Based in Derby, we can cater to Allestree, Ashbourne, Quarndon, Duffield, Bakewell, Matlock, Mickleover and Belper. Our customers chose our high-quality aluminium windows in space grey coatex to complement their traditional home.

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The Brands We Work With

Sheerline Bifold Doors feature superior insulation within a sleek and stylish frame. Choose from a wide range of colours and finishes to complement any architectural style.

Spitfire Doors

Spitfire Doors, are known for their exceptional security and stunning aesthetics. Each door offers a variety of materials and advanced locking mechanisms and can be customised with a selection of finishes and colours to match your style.

Reynaer Doors

Reynaers Aluminium doors combine top-tier security and elegant design, perfectly suited for both modern and classic settings. Each door offers exceptional durability, superior thermal insulation, and a variety of customisable options including color and finish, ensuring both style and function for any architectural requirement​