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Aluminium Windows and Doors

Installing the right aluminium windows and doors is an important factor if you are renovating a property or extending your home.

Installing the right aluminium windows and doors is an important factor if you are renovating a property or extending your home.

Making the best use of natural light will make your bespoke design stand out from the rest and give you a stunning open space to enjoy all year round.

It is a really popular time, during the summer months, to start thinking about ways to transform your home and make a brighter, lighter living area.

Whether you are renovating a property or having an extension to open up the back of your house, careful thought needs to go into what kind of look you want to create and how glazing can help you achieve it.

Get planning

Whatever project you’re thinking of taking on, planning it thoroughly is the best piece of advice we can offer.

Take time to think about what style you are trying to achieve and consider doing some research about glazing. Bringing as much natural light into your home is one of the best ways to give the feeling of more space.

If you are interested in open plan living and making a luxury outdoor area, the project certainly cries out for some stunning glazing, whether you choose bifold doors or sliding doors.

Let the light flood into the room and you’ll achieve a near perfect extension.

Aluminium windows and doors

Selecting the right windows and doors can make an enormous difference to any project no matter what you are thinking about doing.

Think about their energy efficiency, overall appearance and whether they are in keeping with the architectural style of your home, inside and out.

Talk to us about your plans. Of course, if you’re using a builder, architect or designer, we can work with them too.

If you’re faced with a potential glazing issue, there is always a solution. These days, with any renovation or extension, we’ve got a variety of glazing configurations available to help bring your design to life.

We will help you build up an idea of how your house could work best for your lifestyle and family dynamics. If you’re already living in the house, think about which layouts work best and which don’t, and more importantly, make note of where and when natural light filters into the house.

It’s time to choose

Selecting the right glazing can literally transform a home and give the room a brand-new style and an amazing new look. Playing around with the layout, in order the make the house more suitable for modern-day living, is why so many homeowners are taking the plunge to renovate, remodel and refurbish.

In the case of most renovations and extensions, structural changes often take place to make the house brighter and more suitable for modern-day living. The general flow of the layout is improved to make better use of space and add natural light.

Whether you’re making better use of redundant space or creating extra room by extending, glazing can instantly transform an area to make it the best house make-over possible.

These days, homeowners are keen to create extra living space downstairs and it’s important to factor in the cost of fitting out the interior – right from the start.

If you’ve always dreamed of having an island installed in your kitchen, wide span bifold doors can be   hugely beneficial.

If your bifold doors open outwards, you could create the right amount of space to allow easy movement around the kitchen island – which is on many people’s wish list.

You need a decent amount of space to accommodate one, but with a beautiful bifold doors, it could look amazing.

Look up!

Don’t just look at the windows and doors. If you are able to, adding an aluminium roof lantern can make a massive difference to the amount of light that comes in. We offer beautiful contemporary designs large glass panels with slim roof rafters. The perfect addition over a dining table or kitchen island.

Why aluminium is the go-to glazing

Cost, quite rightly, will largely be dictated by the room types you are adding. If you’re ripping out a kitchen, this will be more expensive than buying furniture for a new living room. And adding another bathroom downstairs could be more expensive than creating a simple home office or snug.

Aluminium has become the go-to option for homeowners. The sleek, slim lines help to define a room transformation and create stylish exterior façades, which let in natural light. Thanks to slimmer sight lines, more of your window will be glass which give homeowners the best possible aspect.

Durable, corrosion-resistant and strong, aluminium windows and doors are practically maintenance-free – making them a top choice during renovation work. They don’t need painting or staining, and they won’t rust. This means they are an ideal solution if you need to replace older windows or doors as part of your new, lighter and brighter design.

Talk to us – we are here to help

At Kompass, we have knowledge, experience and most important, we have time for you.

We are product designers and that means we know the ins and out when it comes to architectural windows and doors.

There is absolutely nothing we don’t know about our aluminium glazing products and we understand how important it is to help you succeed in finding the right look for your project.

We’ve got time to sit down and talk about how you’re planning to transform your home.

The best advice we can give all of our customers is to plan, research and ask the experts – call 01773 843322 today.