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Aluminium Windows and Doors Allestree

Transform your Allestree home with our high-quality aluminium windows and doors.


Aluminium is a completely robust profile that will provide longevity for Allestree homeowners. The UK’s weather is constantly changing, and our aluminium windows and doors are designed to adapt to each condition. Our installations require little maintenance and, from time to time, will only need a wipe down with a damp cloth.


Our aluminium windows and doors are fitted with high-quality locks to ensure that you feel safe in your Allestree home at all times. The locks that we use are tested regularly and thoroughly to ensure they meet the latest industry standards. You can have peace of mind that our installations will keep you protected.

Ultra-Slim Frame

Due to the strength of aluminium, we can afford to have a narrower frame and fit a wider glass unit. Thanks to the slim sightlines, you can have endless views of your surroundings and flood your Allestree home with natural daylight. This will make your home seem more spacious and will make it more homely.


We strive to be as eco-friendly as possible and offer sustainable products. Our aluminium windows and doors can be recycled at the end of their lifecycle and made into new products for other homeowners to use. Recycled aluminium still boasts unrivalled thermal performance, security and weather resistance.


We have a fantastic range of aluminium windows and doors for you to choose from to add to your Allestree house. Whether you are looking for full-length windows or an aluminium sliding door, we can find the right product for your property. If you have a design in mind or are starting from scratch, we can help you.


Soundproofing The combination of double glazing and aluminium windows and doors will improve the sound insulation of your Allestree home. This is perfect for homeowners that live near a main road or in a noisy neighbourhood. The reduced level of external noise means that you can live comfortably with minimal disruption.

Aluminium Windows and Doors Allestree

We install a superb range of aluminium windows and doors to homes in
Allestree. Aluminium is an increasingly popular choice for both
homeowners and installers due to its fantastic features. It is extremely
robust and thermally efficient, making it a great choice for anyone
wanting new windows or doors.

Our aluminium windows and doors are tailored to match the dimensions
of your home to ensure that it is the perfect fit when it comes to
installation. You can also choose from a wide range of colours, finishes
and accessories for your next project. We can guide you throughout the
process so that you can find the best products for your property.

Here at Kompass, we have
over 25 years of experience in the home improvements industry. We have
carried out many aluminium windows and door installations across
Allestree and the local areas. We provide high-quality products with
unbeatable long-term performance. Get your free quote today using our
handy online pricing engine.

Thermal Performance

We know that Allestree homeowners are always looking for ways to keep
their property warm. Our aluminium windows and doors are fitted with
insulating materials to help keep your home warm throughout the year. We
also fit high-quality double glazing into our aluminium windows and
doors to enhance the insulation further.

Double glazing works by retaining your Allestree home’s natural heat
and keeping it at an appropriate temperature at all times. You can keep
warm in the winter and cool in the summer. The external glass pane
prevents excess solar gain so that you don’t overheat in the warmer
months. By relying less on your heating, you can improve your energy

Bespoke Design

We offer a diverse range of aluminium windows and doors
for you to consider. Each Allestree home is different, and we aim to
design and install the perfect products for your property. If you are
looking to make your home brighter, we recommend our slimline aluminium
windows, whilst our aluminium sliding doors will be a great transition
to your garden.

Whilst we take control of the installation, you can have free reign
of the design. We want to install aluminium windows and doors that are
going to benefit you both practically and visually. Even though
aluminium is a modern solution, we have woodgrain finishes available if
you are looking for something more traditional. Find out more about our
designs from our team today!

Aluminium Window and Door Prices Allestree

Upgrade your Allestree home with our fantastic range of aluminium
windows and doors. Add a modern aesthetic to your property and enjoy the
unrivalled practical benefits. Use our handy online pricing engine
to get your free zero-obligation estimate. All you need to do is enter
your dimensions and product of choice, and you will get an instant

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Aluminium Farm Build Leicestershire

This farm build in Leicestershire is just one example of the kind of workmanship we offer here at Kompass.

Aluminium Windows Installation Derby

We carried out this stunning aluminium windows installation for our lovely customers. Based in Derby, we can cater to Allestree, Ashbourne, Quarndon, Duffield, Bakewell, Matlock, Mickleover and Belper. Our customers chose our high-quality aluminium windows in space grey coatex to complement their traditional home.

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