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Aluminium Windows and Doors Duffield

Create the perfect home by enhancing your property with our high end and excellently performing aluminium windows and doors.


Aluminium windows and doors are a great choice for homeowners in Duffield. They are robust and will last through any weather condition. They also require little maintenance, only needing a wipe down occasionally.

Highly Secure

Our aluminium windows and doors come fitted with high-quality locks to help you feel safe in your Duffield home. The locks that we use are regularly tested and meet the latest industry standards so that you can be confident in their quality and protection.

Slim Frame

Aluminium is an extremely sturdy and firm material. Therefore, you can achieve a slimline look, meaning your product will look great and save tons of space. The floor-to-ceiling windows in Duffield homes provide stunning views of the natural landscape and allow plenty of natural daylight, making your home feel open and spacious.


We care about the environment and want to do our part to be eco-friendly. That’s why we offer sustainable aluminium windows and doors. Our products are made of recycled aluminium and have excellent thermal performance, security, and weather resistance. Plus, they can be recycled at the end of their lifecycle.


We have a wide selection of aluminium windows and doors for your Duffield home. Whether you are looking for full-length windows or an aluminium sliding door, we can find the perfect product for your needs. If you have a design in mind or are starting from scratch, we can help you.


The combination of double glazing and aluminium windows and doors will improve the sound insulation of your Duffield home. This is perfect for homeowners that live near the main road or in a noisy neighbourhood. The reduced level of external noise means that you can live comfortably with minimal disruption.

Aluminium Windows and Doors Duffield

We install a
superb range of aluminium windows and doors to homes in Duffield.
Aluminium is an increasingly popular choice for homeowners and
installers due to its fantastic features. It is extremely robust and
thermally efficient, making it a great choice for anyone wanting new
windows or doors.

Our aluminium windows and doors
are tailored to match the dimensions of your home to ensure that it is
the perfect fit when it comes to installation. You can also choose from a
wide range of colours, finishes and accessories for your next project.
We can guide you throughout the process so that you can find the best
products for your property.

Here at Kompass,
we have over 25 years of experience in the home improvements industry.
We have carried out many aluminium windows and door installations across
Duffield and the local areas. We provide high-quality products with
unbeatable long-term performance. 

Bespoke Design

We offer a diverse range of aluminium windows and doors for
you to consider. Each Duffield home is different, and we aim to design
and install the perfect products for your property. If you want to make
your home brighter, we recommend our slimline aluminium windows, whilst
our aluminium sliding doors will be a great transition to your garden.

Whilst we take control of the
installation, you can have free reign of the design. We want to install
aluminium windows and doors that will benefit you both practically and
visually. Even though aluminium is a modern solution, we have woodgrain
finishes available if you want something more traditional. Please find
out more about our designs from our team today!

Aluminium Window and Door Prices Duffield

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Contact our team for a bespoke quote on our windows &  doors, tailored to your specific needs and budget. We are here to assist with both residential and commercial projects, providing a range of options to suit your requirements. To discuss our bifold doors or kickstart your home renovation, call us at 01773 843322. We’re excited to help you begin your renovation journey with us and look forward to your call!

Aluminium Farm Build Leicestershire

This farm build in Leicestershire is just one example of the kind of workmanship we offer here at Kompass.

Aluminium Windows Installation Derby

We carried out this stunning aluminium windows installation for our lovely customers. Based in Derby, we can cater to Allestree, Ashbourne, Quarndon, Duffield, Bakewell, Matlock, Mickleover and Belper. Our customers chose our high-quality aluminium windows in space grey coatex to complement their traditional home.

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