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Heritage Windows Mickleover

Renovate your Mickleover home with a unique, durable aluminium window from Heritage Windows.

Heritage Windows Mickleover

Kompass in Mickleover and the surrounding areas, such as Allestree,
Quarndon, Duffield, Bakewell, Mickleover, Belper and Dronfield, is here
to transform your home with our exceptional window services. We offer a
range of Heritage Windows in a variety of colours and finishes, so
you’ll find the perfect one for you. Plus, you can trust our experienced
installers to provide quality window and door installations. 

Hundreds of Design Choices

You can find your own perfect look with Heritage Windows. Choose from
a variety of metallic, matte, wood-grain, and glossy finishes to truly
refine your home’s interior. Rest assured that your new windows won’t be
affected by extreme weather conditions with their special weatherproof
materials, making them durable as well as aesthetically pleasing. All of
this is combined with a luxurious energy-efficiency, widening the
spectrum of possibilities for your perfect home design.

Thermal Efficiency

By investing in Heritage Windows from Kompass, you can create a
comfortable and energy-efficient home, no matter the weather conditions.
Our windows come with double glazing and select models with
multi-chamber systems, providing superior insulation and improved energy
efficiency. Our windows provide the perfect combination of beauty,
comfort, and energy efficiency. Get the best of all worlds with Heritage
Windows from Kompass and enjoy a more energy-efficient home, all year

Heritage Window Prices Mickleover

Do you want to improve the appearance and value of your Mickleover
home? Our high-quality, heritage-style windows are the perfect choice.
We have a variety of styles and finishes that can be customized to meet
your needs. Our team of professionals is here to guide you through the
entire project and make it a success. Whether you are looking to enhance
the look of your home or increase its resale value, we are here to
help. We understand that everyone’s needs are unique, which is why we
will work with you to find a solution that works for your budget and
space. To get a bespoke quote, you can either reach out to us through our online contact form or, if you prefer to speak directly with one of our expert staff members, call us at 01773 483322.

Energy efficient

Upgrade your Mickleover residence with Kompass Windows’ Heritage Windows for enhanced thermal efficiency. Our multi-chamber system creates an air cushion that seals off the interior of your home by blocking out outside air, allowing for consistent warmth and comfort throughout every season. Our windows are outstanding in their ability to prevent drafts and keep temperatures regulated, and come in a variety of sizes and designs to meet your exact needs. Make Kompass Windows your choice for the perfect windows to equip any of your residential projects with unbeatable insulation and protection from outside air.


Here at Kompass, we are passionate about helping our customers find the perfect windows to bring style and heritage to their home. We offer a wide variety of window styles and finishes, making it easy to match existing windows or create unique looks for any new construction or renovation. Our heritage windows are designed to enhance the existing character of a home, while also providing excellent durability and superb energy efficiency. We have options to suit any style, from traditional to contemporary, and our experienced team will work closely with you to find the perfect window for your property. With a range of quality options and a hassle-free process, you can rest assured that your new windows will both look great and save you money in the long-term.


Aluminium is an ideal material for making heritage window profiles due to its numerous benefits when compared to other materials. With its strong compositions and excellent corrosion resistance it ensures a long-lasting window profile without the need for frequent repairs or replacements. Moreover, its lightweight and malleable nature makes crafting our Heritage Window collection easier and provides great performance. The aluminium heritage window frames are also excellent at letting in more natural light compared to other materials, making your home brighter and significantly more welcoming. To top it all off, this metal has minimal maintenance requirements and offers great savings in the long run in terms of replacing or repairing the window frames. For all these reasons, aluminium is the perfect choice for making high-performance and low–maintenance window frames for our Heritage Window collection. Our profiles are rigorously tested, ensuring that the highest standards are met. Thanks to aluminium, these heritage window frames will look great and last for years to come.


At Kompass in Mickleover, our highly experienced and professional team of experts can help you transform the inside and outside of your home with a high-quality installation of a Heritage Window. We understand the need for perfection and take the utmost care in selecting the highest quality materials for your heritage window. We pay special attention to detail to ensure the installation of your window is carried out to the highest possible standards, and that all of the window’s components perfectly complement each other. Furthermore, each installation is complemented with a selection of finishings to give your window the perfect look. Our team of experts have extensive experience in carrying out installations for Heritage Windows and are proud to provide you with a safe and secure heritage window installation that will last for generations.

Excellent quality

Kompass, a Mickleover market supplier, has been manufacturing and supplying Heritage Windows of the highest quality for over 50 years. With their technical expertise and dedication to progress, these windows are unrivalled in terms of quality. Any home-owner would benefit greatly from choosing Heritage Windows.

Ideal fit

Heritage Windows has all the varieties you could want for the perfect colour and finish of your windows. Our broad selection of colours, from exquisite to neutral, and various finishes that include woodgrain, are sure to satisfy your desire for a look that suits your aesthetic. With so many options, you’ll find the perfect match for your windows.

Aluminium Farm Build Leicestershire

This farm build in Leicestershire is just one example of the kind of workmanship we offer here at Kompass.

Aluminium Windows Installation Derby

We carried out this stunning aluminium windows installation for our lovely customers. Based in Derby, we can cater to Allestree, Ashbourne, Quarndon, Duffield, Bakewell, Matlock, Mickleover and Belper. Our customers chose our high-quality aluminium windows in space grey coatex to complement their traditional home.

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