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Sheerline Lantern Roofs Derby

Open up your Derby home with our stunning Sheerline lantern roofs. Create a brighter and cosier social space and enjoy the views of the sky above. 

Sheerline lantern roofs

We install lantern roofs from Sheerline for our customers in Derby and the surrounding areas. Create a focal point in your property and flood it with natural daylight. With our lantern roofs, you can enjoy all the benefits of a standard roof with improved views. Make your home more modern with our installations.

As well as their attractive nature, our Sheerline lantern roofs do not compromise their functionality. They are the most secure and thermally efficient lantern roof solutions on the market and will enhance your Derby home. Thanks to our glazing options and Thermlock, you can keep well-insulated.

Here at Kompass, we pride ourselves on offering properties in Derby with high-quality products. Our Sheerline lantern roofs are no different. This sustainable and contemporary solution will be a great addition to any home in the area. We cater to your requirements and will find you the perfect roof. 


The Sheerline lantern roofs use Thermlock technology to keep properties in Derby warm throughout the year. This system uses multiple chambers within the frame to create a thermal blanket in between your home and the outside. There are also deep internal bars that help retain the roof structure and provide more thermal performance for your Derby home.

Alongside Thermlock, the glazing that we install within the Sheerline lantern roofs will help to improve your energy efficiency. All of these things combined will help you to lower your energy bills by reducing your need to switch on your heating. It is inevitable in the UK that we use it. However, we are here to help you depend on it less and reduce your carbon footprint.

secure lantern roofs

Your safety is our priority, and our Sheerline lantern roofs are designed to keep you well protected at all costs. The innovative manufacturing allows Sheerline to add in multiple security systems that will help to keep you safe. Older and other lantern roof models sometimes post multiple risks to home protection. However, these aluminium lantern roofs eliminate these threats.

Features, including anti-tamper screws, security tape and patent-pending glass lock, will give you the reassurance that you need within your Derby home. You shouldn’t have to worry about intruders once we install your new Sheerline lantern roof. If you have any questions about how these features work, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team.

sheerline lantern roof prices derby

Rejuvenate your Derby home with our stunning Sheerline lantern roofs. Make your home a space that you can be proud of with our installations. To get started, simply use our handy online quoting engine. All you need to do is enter your dimensions and contact information. You will receive an instant estimate.

We have years of experience in the industry and can guide you on the best solution for your Derby home. Send us your questions through our online contact form by clicking the button below. You can also give us a ring on 01773 843322 if you would like to chat with someone directly. We will answer your questions and design your dream home with you.

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