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Aluminium Bifold Doors Leicester

We install aluminium bifold doors in homes in Leicester, Nottingham, Derby, Allestreet, Ashbourne, Quardon, and the surrounding areas.

aluminium bifold doors Leicestershire

We supply fantastic aluminium bifold doors in Leicester, Nottingham, Derby, AllestreeAshbourne, Quarndon, Ravenshead, Duffield, Bakewell, Matlock, Mickleover, Belper and Dronfield. Our range of doors are innovative home improvement solutions, offering a whole host of practical benefits. From high security and energy efficiency to a weather resilient profile, you are investing in a fantastic home improvement.

Our aluminium bifold doors stand out in Leicester homes for their flexible configurations, effortlessly folding away to one side to optimise space. Tailored to fit any dimension, their slender profile complements both the timeless beauty of heritage properties and the clean lines of contemporary architecture, blending seamlessly with any aesthetic.
Here at Kompass, we use market-leading suppliers who skilfully manufacture our aluminium bifold doors. We supply to builders and trade, but also supply to Derby homeowners doing a DIY project. Our fantastic team will deliver your products efficiently, providing top-class customer service. Request your free quote today using our online pricing engine.

safety features

In Leicester, we are committed to providing aluminium bi-fold doors that not only enhance the aesthetic of your home but also ensure your security. Our doors feature advanced security options, including magnetic catches for stability, multi-point locks, and secure shootbolts, all standard. The doors’ glass is internally glazed to prevent external tampering, offering an added layer of protection.

thermally efficient

The expansive glass in the aluminium bifold doors is designed from durable double glazing. This glass is incredibly versatile, providing a range of practical benefits. The glass works to keep your Derby home at a comfortable temperature through the year, keeping cooler in the summer but retaining heat in the winter.

The double glazing in our aluminium bifold doors regulates your home as it traps pockets of warm air from your existing heating. By reducing how much energy you use, you can also save on your heating bills. This will have a positive environmental impact as you reduce your carbon emissions significantly.

Wide Range of styles and finishes

For those in Leicester, the array of colours, styles, and finishes for aluminium bi-fold doors allows for creative freedom in design. Homeowners can choose from finishes that range from the warmth of traditional woodgrain to the clean lines of modern aesthetics, ensuring every set of doors enhances the property’s character. Customizable hardware options enable a seamless integration with the home’s existing style, offering a bespoke solution that elevates the overall look and feel of the space.

aluminium patio doors Leicester

Upgrade your environment with our sleek aluminium doors, ideal for any design preference. They feature an advanced sliding mechanism for smooth operation, including unique sliding doors that merge at your extension’s corner without a corner post, enhancing your garden views.

aluminium entrance doors leicester

In Leicester, our aluminium entrance doors offer a modern enhancement to your home’s appearance. These doors elevate curb appeal and incorporate advanced security features, like robust multi-point locking systems, for effective intrusion deterrence.

aluminium internal doors leicester

Our UK-manufactured aluminium internal doors are designed for flexibility in architectural and interior design, offering slim profiles to enhance light and space efficiency. They come in a vast array of colours and designs, enabling the transformation of any space into a functional, welcoming area.

aluminium bifold door prices leicester

Improve your Leicester property today with a spectacular aluminium bifold door. The sleek, durable improvement will add visual appeal and significant value. For a bespoke price, you can contact our team to get a free quote.  We have a range of colours, finishes and hardware which you can select. We will then get back to you with a unique price to suit your budget.

If you have any more questions about our aluminium bifold doors, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team today. We would love to work with you on either domestic or commercial projects and work with a variety of spaces and budgets. You can give us a call on 01773 843322 to discuss our services to begin your renovation with us. We look forward to hearing from you!

easy opening

Our aluminium bifold doors have a flexible design, which allows for accessibility in and out of the property. You won’t have to worry about opening the entire set of doors, as these doors can be opened individually. Additionally, you can choose whether your bifold door folds from one end to the other or can split the fold down the middle. We can provide whatever option will suit your Nottingham home.

robust aluminium

Aluminium is an incredibly versatile and durable material compared to other materials on the market. Your new bifold doors can remain looking fresh for longer periods without any internal damage. Through the different seasons, our bifold doors won’t expand, warp, crack, or discolour, making them reliable for any home improvement project.

high security

Our bifold doors are designed with secure locking systems at multiple points of the doors to ensure your security. These high-security locks and hinges will keep your home protected from forced entry or unwanted visitors. Additionally, the glass panes are designed with internal beading, meaning they can’t be removed from the outside. If you are looking for a door to secure your home, then consider our aluminium bifold doors.

ultra-slim frames

To create an elegant look, our aluminium bifold doors are designed with sleek and ultra-slim frames. Aluminium is highly durable, which allows it to hold up heavy panes of glass. With bright natural light flowing into your home, you will use less electricity and enjoy the beautiful views outside.

low threshold

Due to the practicality of aluminium, our doors are perfect for any commercial or residential property. We provide the option for a lower threshold in our aluminium bifold doors to ensure everyone can use them. The low threshold makes entry and exit easier for those needing wheelchair access or using prams.

energy efficient

Installing our aluminium bifold doors into your Nottingham property will increase it’s thermal efficiency. Aluminium is naturally super-insulating, which retains the heat in your home. Fitted with double glazing in the doors, we are confident that our bifold doors will effectively keep your home at a comfortable temperature. Soon enough, you will rely less on your electricity and save money.

Aluminium Farm Build Leicestershire

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